General Purpose Cleaner

A lot of us have our cleaning cupboards full of products. From spray bottles, to creams, without mentioning gels, which we all believe they have their very own specific great roles. However, with smart labelling, companies make you believe that for every nook and cranny you desire to clean, there's a very specific product you need to buy, and most of the time it's the priciest ones.

But it's all lies! Liiiiiies I tell you!

All you need is a general purpose cleaner for counter tops, kitchen hobs, bathroom sinks, shower walls, loo bowl,... and it works wonders! Vinegar is a fantastic ingredient for cleaning zerowaste style. Some of you might have tried it but hated the strong smell, with this recipe, you will change your mind!

Here is the recipe:


- white vinegar

- tap water

- any citrus fruits peels (orange, lemon, grapefruit,...) or lavender, rosemary.

- Glass Spray Bottle (sold on Shep Shop)

How to:

Fill your glass spray bottle half way with the white vinegar, and the other half with tap water.

Add your peels or herbs into the spray bottle and let it infuse for 1 and 1/2 weeks.

Strain it out and voila!! A beautiful smell around the house that won't cost the earth or your wallet.