A dip to capture your heart... your artichoke heart!

Here at the Shep Shop family we've always been dip addicts. Whether consuming the beautiful Fifya range of vegan dips in Australia, or enjoying the creamy hummus's here in the UK (Helllooooo Humpit Hummus!), we've loved them all. Often these tubs don't see out the week, just because, well, who doesn't love dip! But the one problem we kept facing was that there was always a lot of packaging involved, cardboard shell, plastic tub, plastic seal...

In short, waste!

So we did what any good natured curious cooks would do...


And you know what? There's no empty tub shock! It's a big bowl baby. This lil bulb of inspiration lit up a whole bonfire of curiosity, so now we are all about that homemade goodness.

So without further ado, with processor in hand, let's get blending!

Also, don't worry, these are the kind of "chuck it in to blend and relax" kind of dips. Always lowkey, always easy, always tasty!!

This post's dip today is one to win your heart. Your artichoke heart that is! Creamy, garlic-y, salty, hot damn I'm salivating thinking about it.

Here's what you need:

- Anti-pasti Artichoke Hearts (1 Jar)

- Garlic (2 Cloves or equal amounts of paste) but you follow that garlic heart of yours if you want more.

- White Cannellini Beans ( 1 Can or 250g of overnight soaked beans)

- Salt (optional)

- Mustard (optional)

> Add the whole jar of the artichoke hearts, include the oil as this will help bring the dip together. However, if you want a lower fat dip, by all means leave it out. Next, add your cannellini beans and garlic. You can either crush the garlic and add in whole, or chop it up. Wiz the processor and stop when the consistency is to your desire. We like ours chunky monkey, but if you want a smooth criminal by all means keep going.

> While the processor is wizzing around is when you want to add your salt or mustard. A definite recommendation is to stop and taste test after a few pulses. Also depending on which mustard you like and use will determine the amount, stronger mustard equals less needed to add flavour and vice versa for weaker mustard.

> Pop into a serving dish and welcome to dip heaven!